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COVID-19 Resources

for Emotional Wellness

Working from home arrangement breaks our regular routine, especially ones that helps us deal with stress. With limited exercise options, lesser hang-outs with friends and activities that help us unwind & relax,  it can be emotionally stifling and overwhelming for some. That is why our team has put together this list of resources & regularly update them to help boost emotional wellness. As a COVID-Breaker, we first to learn care for our own needs. Self-Care is NOT Selfish! 


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Lifestyle Wellness

Stay Calm & Create a

Daily Routine

Structure drives behaviour. Do you have a structured routine kicking in as you start your day? Forming new rituals to work from home is a powerful way to cope with stress! 


​3 min Read 


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Covid Education

How Covid-19  can affect my mental health?

Is Anxiety normal? People with no underlying mental health issues may feel overwhelmed during the pandemic. Learn 8 tips to boost your mental wellness.

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5 min Read

Strait Times

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Emotional Wellness

Mastering the Art of Relaxation

Living in a fast-paced society, we can forget to slow down. Give yourself half an hour to restore, decompress and gift yourself with a relaxing practice with Adriene.

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30 min Video

Yoga with Adriene


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Clean & Disinfect your Home

Concern if your home may be exposed to the COVID virus? Fret not, check NEA's guide to clean & disinfect your home. 

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​Bounce Back Cardio Workout

Getting listless from working at home? Try this 15 min workout to kick start you to get back in action to end the day strong! 

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Self Art Therapy Session

This guided art session is a great way to bring back calmness through gentle brush strokes and a restful heart. 

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Learn to  make Hojicha Granola

Peaceful Cuisine is a channel that makes video of healthy & nutritious food, filmed in a style that is relaxing to watch!  

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Doodle away your Stress & Anxiety

Doodle with Sarah is a popular channel that sparks joy through creativity, art, and encouraging  self-care reminders! 

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End your day with soothing music

Remind yourself to FEAR NOT of what you cannot be in control of. You did your best, and it's time to unwind and time to rest.  

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