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COVID-19 Resources 

for Engaging Children 

Parents working from home with children on home-based learning may not be the perfect combination. Child pedagogy always emphasizes on structure and routines. The lack of a teacher's presence adds strain for parents who are supervising their child's learning while working online. Every child is different, some more active, others more emotionally sensitive. Here are some new ways and approaches to help make the parenting journey easier!  


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Managing Emotions

How Tapping help your child relieve stress

Tapping sends relaxing signal to your brain helping your body to relax. It's a great way to teach your child to be socially & emotionally aware & learn to take care of their own feelings.

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The Tapping Solution

3 min Video

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Covid Education

Easier way to teach your child about social distancing

We cannot assume every child sees the seriousness of Covid-19. Learn social distancing through this animated story series call, "Time to come in, Bear!" 


Kim St Lawrence

1.5 min Video

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Parenting Tips

​How to discipline without yelling?

Positive Parenting is a well-respected approach that focus on teaching a child in a respectful and affirming manner. Learn 8 useful tips from this video!



Youtube Video


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DIY Sensory Bottle for Kids

Teach your child to DIY their own sensory bottle. Place it by the bedside light & you'll see a cool lava lamp! 

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Easy to follow Dance moves

Expend out your child’s energy through dance! Check out this video for step-by-step & easy to follow & cool dance move! 

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Fast & Easy Chocolate Cake

Cooking helps children build confidence & autonomy. Join 2-year-old chef Susie to bake this chocolate cake with your child! 

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Teach your Child how to calm down

Tap-a-along with your child through this video & guide them on this great way to calm down. 

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Simple to follow Yoga for Kids!

Help your child to build concentration, manage stress through breathing, awareness & healthy movement! 

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Sing-a-long with Up, Up, Up!

Catchy songs make reading fun! It also helps children grow their imagination & learn new words a-long the way! 

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