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Masters of Social Work I Certification in Grief Therapy and Meaning Reconstruction I Grief Recovery Method Certification I Trained in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), Applied Suicide Intervention Skills I Facilitator in Advanced Care Planning 

“When darkness branches to your soul, light still finds a way to rise”

~ Angie Weiland Crosby


  • Stress & Anxiety 

  • Depression 

  • Grief & Loss

  • Relationship Issues 

  • Navigating through Life Transitions

Prior to learning counselling, Florence had worked as a social worker for close to 14 years.  Her experience as a social worker in an acute hospital setting exposed her to a myriad of patients and the challenges that they and their family members had to deal with;  for instance, from receiving a new diagnosis of a medical condition, to learning how to navigate care giving challenges, to facing loss and death. She was deeply humbled and inspired by the love, resilience and hope that she witnessed in her patients and their loved ones. These experiences have deepened her empathy towards those in physical and emotional pain and was one of the reasons for pursuing counselling in order to be a better "sojourner" and listener along their life's journey, in whatever life transitions that they may be facing. As a counsellor, Florence has helped many young adults challenged by interpersonal issues with others in their families, in their social circles or in the workplace, as well as those who are struggling with life transitions, and other mental health concerns.   

Florence generally adopts a person-centred approach and is able to draw upon a variety of counselling modalities such as Narrative Therapy (NT) and Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) in her therapy work with her clients. She believes that counselling provides a safe and secure base for the sharing of one's vulnerable and authentic self, where the counsellor and client work hand in hand like a "dance". She believes that with acceptance, compassion and a non-judgemental presence, there can be freedom and courage for people to explore who they are, be empowered, and experience healing and growth in their lives. In her free time, Florence enjoys taking long walks in nature, traveling and learning about different cultures and is a self-professed foodie. She also loves drawing and listening to music.

Successful Client Stories

One of Florence’s clients was a male young adult who was going through a challenging time transitioning in his career as a fresh graduate. As a result, he was feeling unmotivated at work. Frequent conflicts at home have also added to his stress and anxiety. After 12 counselling sessions, through narrative and solution-focused therapy, the client became more self-aware of his personal values behind work and relationships. He also had a better understanding of his emotions and his triggers. He felt more confident communicating his needs and asserting his boundaries with others at work and at home. He was also more willing to extend self-compassion and engage in self-care practices that helped manage his stressful situations when they arose. 

Another client Florence worked with was a female young adult who did well in her career until she suddenly felt anxious, depressive, and unmotivated to go to work. She had thoughts of leaving the company and sought counselling to seek another perspective on her current situation. After 3 counselling sessions,  the client was able to identify some of the underlying reasons behind her feelings of being overwhelmed. By allowing her story to emerge through narrative therapy, the client felt that counselling had brought her greater clarity as she became more aware of her values and preferences in life. This helped anchor herself in what was important to her and thus, she was better able to make decisions for her career. 



Masters of Social Work

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