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Ocean Rocks







At Grace Oasis, we are dedicated to provide clinical counselling services with compassion and authenticity. Every counsellor on our team aspires to provide quality counselling services with an eventual goal of bringing hope that anchors. We believe at some point of life, we all meet a storm in life that may sweep us away. Hope is essential to keep us anchored to navigate through these challenges.


But how exactly can we bring Hope in a tangible and concrete way? Picture the sailor sailing through the storm, it not only takes courage alone, but also skills & wisdom. Here at Grace Oasis, we commit to provide a holistic intervention through an integrative counselling approach that focus on the integration of three elements of change and growth: the heart (affective), the mind (cognitive) and the hands (behaviour). 

We encourage the heart by providing a listening presence and emotional support whilst helping you uncover your hidden strengths 

and potentials you have yet discovered.


We enlarge perspectives by helping you gain more awareness of yourself, of others and of the situation to better help you charter new directions and choices that will be helpful to navigate forward.


Finally, we enable life skills by journeying with you towards gaining mastery of new coping behaviours, helpful habits and lifestyle to the point you are confident to sail out of your life storm by yourselves. 

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