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Self Care Challenge

21 Days.

Spend around 21 minutes each day doing a unique Self-Care activity that promotes wellness and self-growth. 

What's this about ?

Join us as we start off 2023 afresh.
On this journey of reset, we invite you to sail through a 21-day challenge with us. Each day, we invite you to dedicate 21 minutes to an activity that promotes wellness for 21 consecutive days.


Download our free Self-Care Resource and get started. Comes with a suggested list of unique self-care activities, weekly schedule, journal prompts and more.

Dimensions of Wellness

Did you know there are seven dimensions of wellness? This involves nourishing looking after our body, eating well, attending to our emotional needs, cultivating growth mindsets to handle adversity, and more. All dimensions are important to enable us to effectively manage the multiple roles we play at home and at work. What does it take to maintain the balance? We can start by being intentional and committed to making Self-Care a priority. When we are well-rested, we can be productive. When we learn to care for our needs, we become more resilient to cope with stress in life, and be more available to care for those around us.

  • Physical

This involves being attuned to what your body needs and committing to meet them through adequate exercise, nutritious diet, and getting sufficient sleep.

  • Emotional

This refers to the ability to be aware of and manage your emotions which involves learning to attend to difficult emotions before we become overwhelmed.

  • Occupational

This refers to your ability to learn and develop relevant skills that help you be more effective and productive at what you do at work. 

  • Social

This refers to the quality of connection you have with others, which requires one to grow with interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work through differences and resolve conflicts to build lasting intimate relationships.

  • Intellectual

This involves the cultivation of a growth mindset that sets you on improving your mental and cognitive abilities through life-long learning of acquiring new knowledge, information and experiences that allows you to gain wisdom.

  • Spiritual

This refers to finding meaning in life and the exploration of a deeper existential purpose in what we do; this helps us find hope when dealing with uncertainties.

  • Environmental

This is an actualization of our relationship with the world. To see how our human actions impact our environment teaches us to be responsible for others. Learning to use earth's limited resources wisely, recycling when possible, caring for the earth helps us appreciate nature and be grateful for what is given to us freely. 

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