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Leroy and His Secret Helmet

This debut children's book is written by our counsellor, Roland Koh who is also a family life educator with extensive experience working with youth and children. The book comes with activity worksheets to help parents, caregivers and educators better guide their children on emotions and how to manage them.

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Emotional Learning

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A simple book to help children navigate through difficult emotions

Sometimes when children are faced with certain challenges, they act out in what we call meltdowns, temper tantrums, or worst - put on a front that shows everyone else that they're fine, pretending everything is okay. But are they really okay? How do you guide your child to grow emotionally and be more resilient in difficult situations?

Leroy and His Secret Helmet is a heart-warming story that aims to impart lessons on social-emotional learning. Vividly coloured to appeal to your little ones with imagination while guiding them on becoming more resilient when facing challenges.


About the Book



What is Emotional Learning and why is it important?

Emotional learning is an integral part of education and personal development that is essential to develop healthy identity so a child can manage emotions independently and learn to make responsible and caring decisions.

Emotional Learning is often associated with this term - "Social-Emotional Learning" (SEL), which compromises of five core competencies - Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Self-Management, Relationship Skills and Responsible Decision Making. The story of 'Leroy and His Secret Helmet' presents different scenarios to bring out teachable moments to help you guide your child to grow in these core competencies of emotional learning.

What are three key lessons my child can learn from this story?

There are three activity pages at the end of the story to reinforce the key lessons from this book:

  1. Emotional Literacy - Recognizing emotions and knowing how to name them.
  2. Emotional Insights - Understanding what is happening that may lead to intense emotions
  3. Emotional Regulation - Learning ways to calm down and regulate emotions

How can my child benefit from this story?

Children can grow up with little emotional literacy and may learn to hide their unpleasant emotions (i.e. sadness, anger, fear) or swivel to overtly expressing them, often observed from the temper tanturm and meltdowns. This story will provide a platform for you to talk to your child on emotions and guiding them to be more independent in regulating their emotions whilst learning ways to resolve challenges they face in school or at home.

Is this book suitable for younger children below 6 years old?

This book may suit child from age 3-5 years old depending on their language ability. Generally, they may need more guidance from you. For them to understand better, it is recommended for parents or educators to read the book to him or her and be more intentional in explaining and bringing out the key lessons of the story.

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This simple yet insightful story is an excellent resource for parents, children, and those who work with children, to understand the importance of emotional literacy and healthy ways to deal with difficult situations. I believe this book will prove valuable in helping parents kickstart conversations about their children’s emotions and feelings.

Jason Wong

Founder of the National

  "Dads for Life” Movement in Singapore

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Meet the Author


Roland Koh

Principal Counsellor of Grace Oasis Counselling

Roland Koh grew up in Singapore and was raised as a child in a time where ‘talking about feelings’ was unfamiliar. It was over the years of training and career in counselling that he learned to be more emotionally aware and connected. He sees this as an essential factor to help relationships thrive.

He is now a counsellor by day and an author by night. This story is inspired from his previous job as an Outward Bound Instructor where he guided children and teens to see that ‘fear is not in the absence of courage’. His therapy work with children illuminates the importance of embracing vulnerability as a cornerstone to building resilience. He hopes parents, caregivers and educators will find this book useful as an entry point to engage children to talk about their intense feelings and learn healthy ways to work through them.


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