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Calm Your Child

Build a Calming Down box

Teach your child to regulate emotions by learning some simple and fun ways to calm down.


Create your own Calming Down Box for your Little One!

Calming Down Box




A Calming Down Box is a resource tool kit for children to learn how to regulate their emotions and calm down effectively. 


It is normal for children to experience difficult emotions such as anger, fear and sadness. While some child can navigate through these big feelings, others finds it hard. He or she can feel overwhelmed and even confused, not knowing why they are reacting this way. Not all children have the emotional language to express themselves with words. That is when an experiential approach to calming down can be useful.

Take time to introduce the Calming Down box to your child. Allow him or  her to explore using each item during your usual play-time. When your child is going through temper tantrums or emotional meltdowns, bring out the Calming Down Box, and allow them to choose any of the items to express how they feel. Through this process, your child learns that it is okay to feel how he/she feels and that there are different ways to navigate these difficult emotions. Feel free to add/subtract from our suggested list of items. Find what works best for your child.


  1. Squishy Toys

  2. Bubble Wrap

  3. White Noise Device

  4. Weighted Blanket

  5. Stress Ball

  6. Colouring Books

  7. DIY Glitter Bottle

  8. Favourite StoryBook

  9. Feelings Cards