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Master of Arts in Counselling I Trained in Narrative Therapy I Trauma Informed & Psychodynamic Approaches Accredited Facilitator for Prepare-Enrich Couple Assessment Tool 

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

~ Maya Angelou


  • Depression & Emotional Burnout

  • Relationship Dynamics & Dating Challenges

  • Couple Conflict Resolution & Communication

  • Relational Trauma & Childhood Wounds

  • Grief, Loss & Life Transitions

Before her counselling career, Melissa was involved in legal and compliance work in the finance sector. With a desire to support people around her, Melissa took up a short-term counselling course to be equipped with the necessary skills. However, as she learnt more, she was convinced that counselling is her vocation. Hence, Melissa left her corporate job to complete her Master of Arts in Counselling. Through the journey, she learnt to appreciate the dynamics of counselling through the different theoretical approaches, its empirical science, and the beauty of shared moments in counselling. 


Melissa has experience working with young adults and couples who struggle with anxiety, burnout, depression and relationship challenges. She draws upon different counselling modalities such as Psychodynamic approaches and Narrative Therapy to understand her clients and help them gain insights from their life experiences. Melissa believes that when her clients are able to give voice to their life stories and experiences, they will gain clarity in how they see others and themselves. The awareness of such insights will empower them with the courage and hope to take the next steps. During her free time, Melissa is either visiting museums, watching art films, catching sunsets, or reading a book on a new theoretical approach.

Successful Client Stories

One of Melissa’s clients was a couple who was having communication issues. Melissa helped the couple to gain more awareness of their couple dynamics, and understand the root causes behind their differences in communication styles. Through counselling, the couple also learned how to see things from each other’s perspectives and gain skills on how to talk about difficult issues constructively.

Another client was a young adult who came for individual counselling due to strained relationship with her partner. She was experiencing a lot of conflicted feelings and felt guilty for not being able to do more for her partner. With a limited support system and the fear of burdening her family, the client often felt she did not have a safe space to share her feelings. Counselling provided a safe space for her to express her confusion, her bewilderment, her pain, her hopes and her desires. The ability to verbalise these inner feelings enable to gain clarity on how she can work on to navigate through the relationship issues.



Master of Arts in Counselling

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