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Why do Relationships fail?

Why are more marriages breaking down?

Can we still find security in relationships? Can we still find hope in True Love?

In 2018, 7,344 marriages ended in a divorce or an annulment. 1 in 3 couples separated between the 5th & 9th-year mark.

If only more have learned about Relationship EQ, this might change those stories!


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is not a topic that is explicitly taught in school, yet this topic is of great significance universally in our relationships with others, and extremely vital for one to enter and navigate in an intimate lasting relationship that leads up to marriage. While EQ is the ability to identify and manage our emotions, as well as those of others, "Relationship EQ" goes beyond!

In this workshop, apart from being more emotionally aware, you get to learn more about yourself and become more aware of your values & needs in relationships. You will develop skills to communicate yourself and manage better in an intimate relationship. Through the process, you will also get to understand why relationships fail and what it takes to make a relationship work and thrive.

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"why EQ is the secret to

Lasting Intimate Relationships"


  • Meaning behind the Quest for True LOVE

  • Values & Belief in Intimate Relationships 

  • Idealism & Realism in Love & Marriage 

  • Understanding Why Relationship Fails 

  • Impacts of SELF in Relationship

  • Emotions in Self & Others

  • Breaking free from Unhealthy Conflict Cycles 

  • Success Factors for Secure Relationship

  • Tips on Building Relationships that last 


This workshop is suitable for 

couples as well as singles who are seeking to be in a romantic relationship. This workshop is designed for persons who are keen to embark on a self-discovery and personal growth journey to learn more about the art and science of building a thriving intimate relationship, one that will last.


This 6-hrs workshop will be held over 3 Saturdays (2hrs eachthrough an informative, interactive, reflective and experiential approach. 


Dates18 & 25 Jul, 1 Aug 2020 
Timing10am - 12pm  
(Conducted in English)
VenueGrace Oasis Counselling Centre* 
Address372 Telok Blangah Road #02-C S098836

Usual Price: $240 per pax 

Early Bird Price: $150 per pax
To enjoy our early bird offer, register with us before 30 Jun 

* Workshop will be conducted online if SG is still under Phase 1  (Safe Reopening)


Q: Will it be odd as a single to join this course with other couples?

A: Relationship EQ is a universally applicable topic suited for all persons whether single, attached or married. The content is well-balanced, our activities & conversation are not targeted for couples. You will see yourself interacting with different individuals and gleaning from each other on ways to build lasting relationships.

Q: I like to attend with my partner, but we don't feel comfortable

discussing our r/s matters in front of a big group.

A: This is not a "couple" workshop, unlike pre-marital courses. Our activities range from individual reflection to small group sharing and discussion which will keep changing. To maximize learning, you will be meeting and talking to different individuals throughout the entire workshop.



Roland Koh

A marriage counsellor and relationship coach, he has helped couple-in-crisis reconcile and prepared young couples through pre-marital counselling.

From his work, he saw the dangerous lack of Relationship EQ amongst singles and dating couples. These relationships developed difficulties in maintaining a healthy relationship overtime and ultimately led to heartbreaks that left behind deep emotional scars, doubts about love, and insecurities in future relationships.


Many pitfalls could have been avoided if only one was equipped with Relationship EQ. With a great foundation, a better love story can be written; the kind that lasts! 


Upcoming Dates 2020

Aug - Sep

22 Aug, 29 Aug, 5 Sep

Nov - Dec

21 Nov, 28 Nov, 5 Dec

Interested to join but can't make it for on these dates? We also organize additional runs for small groups upon request. This course can also be conducted in mandarin. Drop us an email if you are keen,

we'll work something out for you!



Recognizing the Covid-19 situation and the essential for safe distancing in this crucial period, we are running this workshop online as an alternative. This will be conducted via Zoom either on 1-to-1 (individual) or 1-to-2 (for couples). 

LIMITED OFFER: 3 Sessions x 1.5hr @ $120 per pax only

Online Workshop
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