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Having a compass and map is one thing, knowing how to use them is another. Gain personal mastery of life skills that'll help guide you through adversities & challenges in life, so you may THRIVE!

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Differences can DIVIDE. It can cause DISCORD and at its worst, DAMAGE significant relationships that are important to us. This can happen at work, or at home. The good news is..


BUT we must learn how to.

The hard truth is differences can be complex. We all hold different values, beliefs and norms shaped by our upbringing and diverse life experiences. It is easier to approach resolving difference by looking at our In-born Personality Preferences. This characterized the way we connect with others, take in information, communicate decisions and organize our life. Our personality preferences drive a certain pattern of thinking and behaviours which often remains unknown to one who is uninformed of their Personality Type and that of others. The lack of understanding can easily cause misunderstanding resulting in dissension and unnecessary conflicts with others. It is natural to gravitate towards people who see, think and feel like us. It takes skills to master the art of working well and building deep relationships with others. This workshop is designed to help you learn more about your SELF, Others and Practical Strategies to engage others who are different from you!

After attending the WORKSHOP, you will be able to:

  • Recognise your personality type

  • Determine the personality type of others

  • Foster appreciation of strengths in SELF & OTHERS

  • Gain Insights into your Work & Communication dynamics with others

  • Build awareness to prevent misunderstanding/conflict with others

  • Learn adaptive ways of Communicating better with others

  • Apply Complementary Strategies to effectively engage others


This workshop is ideal for individuals who wish to gain personal mastery to improve relationships with others ~ at work or at home. Through gaining perspective on why others act and react in certain situations, you will develop insights and acquire new strategies that will increase your personal effectiveness at work to be a better communicator, influencer, decision-maker and team-player. In other areas of life, you will find the course useful to enhance your interpersonal skills to be better at managing conflict and wiser to build a closer bond with friends, families and loved ones.

Your Trainer

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Roland Koh

Principal Counsellor of
Grace Oasis Counselling


  • M.A. in Counselling

  • Registered Counsellor - Level 4 Master Practioner

  • MBTI Accredited Facilitator

  • T-JTA Accredited Facilitator

  • and more...

Roland is a Marriage Family Therapist and has been helping individuals, couples and families work through their differences in relationships at home and at work.


Prior to his counselling career, Roland has gained over a decade of experience in a training and development portfolio. As a former training consultant with Outward Bound Singapore, he ran countless stand-up corporate training as well as outdoor experiential learning programmes for children, teens, adults. Roland finds joy in meeting people from different walks of life together, facilitating an open & creative space for collective learning. He believes that wisdom grows when it is shared.

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Roland is clear, authentic in his presentation. He uses stories and own experiences to illustrate the teaching points very well. I also like the reflection questions. Have learnt much from his teaching within such a short time.

- Pearl

Roland communicated the content really well. I enjoyed the pace and also the examples used to illustrate the points. 

- Jonathan

Roland can converse freely with the audience. He uses simple words and can connect with the audience. The topic is also relevant and he uses real-life examples to illustrate his points.

- Keith


and live life to the fullest

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