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Covid-19 could take toll on people's mental health, say experts. So what can we do about it?

A recent article published on Apr 01, 2020 by THE NEW PAPER (SG) has rightly pointed out that fighting and coping with the coronavirus outbreak isn't merely a physical or medical challenge, but also a psychological one. Health experts & psychologists acknowledge that the battle with Covid-19 could potentially affect the well-being of some people. The reality is that not everyone is adjusting well with the stay-home measures. On 16 Apr, a man was arrested for throwing multiple items down his flat. From the video that went viral, it seemed that he was emotionally overwhelmed. What can we do to stay calm in stressful transitions over Covid-19? We are not entirely powerless over the situation. Check out the resources we have put together. Learn how to maintain emotional wellness and be a better support to our loved ones & community get through Covid-19 together.

Stand in the Gap


The world is at war, with one common enemy - the coronavirus. This pandemic has wrecked lives globally. Not only does this virus impact our health, but the tightening of precautionary measures also affected the way we work, leaving more businesses shutting down, unemployment rates on the rise & economy being impacted. Not everyone cope well with the Stay-at-home regime. Covid-19 breaks the lives of many, not merely physically, but also financially, mentally, socially, and emotionally. The vaccine has yet been found, but we can still break COVID, by breaking the impact of how COVID hits us in other areas of our lives. Let's not be overwhelmed by fear, but overcome this with power & love to make the journey easier for one another. This war will end, this time, the world is in this together. Join us! Be a COVID-Breaker, be the positive ripple to take positive action to be a better support to others as well as yourself, and win this war together as one!



At Home

Emotional wellness

Creating Rhythm of Work-Life from home

Have COVID-19 disrupted your life? We know transitions can be stressful & can take a toil on our emotional well being! We collated a list of good reads & videos for better emotional wellness. 

elderly_man at home.jpg

Caring for Elderly Parents

Concerned of your elderly parents staying home alone?

Being isolated for too long can be depressive. Bring joy by helping your elderly parents to connect through technology and learn new routines for a healthier stay-home lifestyle. 


Engaging your Children

Creative ways to engage your bored child at home

HBL can be tough for both the child & parents. Children at home demands more attention because they are bored. Learning new ways of engaging your child becomes essential!

Online Talk


Happening on Thursdays  @ 7.30pm

Image by Alexander Dummer

45 min session


Adjusting to the 'new normal' to shuttle between working from home & office whilst juggling to meet with our family needs can be tough. Stress & Anxiety may have silently crept in, sending us more frustrations signals. Gain personal insights from our free webinar series & learn practical life skills to cope better at home & at work!


30 min session

Tips on improving your set up for Online Therapy from Home


For counsellors, social workers, therapist & helping professionals that engage clients through telecommuting

Useful Helplines


For people in crisis, thinking of/affected by suicide: 

1800–221 4444 (24-hour) - Samaritans of Singapore (SOS)

For Mental-Health Emergencies:

6389-2222 (24-hour) - Institute of Mental Health's Mobile Crisis Service

For Women facing issues:

1800-777-5555 - AWARE Helpline

For Financial or Social assistance: 

1800–222 0000 - ComCare Helpline

For those financially affected by COVID-19: 

1. Temporary Relief Fund (Only available in April 2020)

2. COVID-19 Support Grant 

3. The Courage Fund

For more details of the various support schemes, go to the Ministry of Social and Family Development’s (MSF) website.

Or call/visit your nearest Social Service Office (SSO) or Community Centre (Click HERE to locate your SSO)

For families facing violence issues:

6555-0390 (PAVE), 

6449 9088 (TRANS Safe Centre), 

6476 1482 (Care Corner Project START)

For more info, go to:

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